It's never too late to not grow up. 

Baby Lion Studios has teamed up with an all-star roster of some of the biggest names in Austin comedy and film to create the new sitcom project Wind-Ups. Based on the 4 years showrunner Adam Protextor spent working at the iconic local institution Toy Joy (also the primary filming location for the show), Wind-Ups follows a cast of six core characters as they navigate interpersonal relationships and growing older while working at an independent toy store. Breaking traditional structure, Wind-Ups’ season 1 arc is told over six episodes, each set on a different major holiday over the course of one calendar year. Wind-Ups wrapped production in early March of 2020 and is currently in the stages of post-production and promotional planning. 

Written by Stephanie Thoreson, Ashlee Jordan Pryor-Pitluk, Adam Protextor, Nathan Sowell, and Devon Coleman

Starring Kenah Benefield, Ryan Darbonne, Haley Alea Erickson, Yamina Khouane, Adam Protextor, and Stephanie Thoreson


I promise this will all be funny later.

From a nicotine-deprived astronaut to a jilted wedding guest, Stephanie Thoreson's second solo  endeavor Fishbowl is a character-driven show about women on the edge. Through a simple, stripped-down anthology of scenes, Thoreson continues to explore the same bittersweetly comic territory of her debut one-woman show Shattered Dreams, with a follow-up that's at once more grounded and more absurd, and ultimately more interested in getting inside its characters' heads than inside their world. Told in minimalist monologues and set pieces, Fishbowl zooms in on one terrible moment from each of its characters' lives, walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy that can be best be described as "been there."

After premiering to two full houses at Fallout Theater in March 2019, Fishbowl played as part of Austin Sketch Fest's 2019 lineup and ran as a featured ColdTowne Theater mainstage, partnering with Capital Area Counseling and the Yeah, But Are You Happy? podcast to provide on-site mental health resources to attendees.

Directed by Amy Pacheco Jordan | Art Direction by Andie Flores | Produced by Adam Protextor 





A grow-mantic comedy.

Written and directed by Ronald Short, Good Feels on Wheels follows the Austin adventure of Opal (Stephanie Thoreson), who after being ghosted by the date she traveled to the city to see, embarks on a weed-fueled odyssey through the city's strangest residents alongside a pot delivery driver. Self-described as a "grow-mantic comedy", Good Feels is a love letter to Austin, a comedic cavalcade of characters, and a genuinely sweet story of finding yourself in a new place. 

Good Feels on Wheels was a welcomed favorite during its festival run, screening at the Lone Star Film Fest (Winner "Best Texas Film"), Hill Country Film Fest (Winner "Best Actress"), Indy Film Fest (Winner "Best Feature" Audience Award), Adirondack Film Festival (Winner "Best Feature Film"), International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival, Austin Revolution Film Fest (Winner "Best Texas Actress", Winner "Adam Hampton Award", Winner "Texas Feature" Audience Choice Award), Hell's Half Mile Festival, Reel East Texas Film Fest (Winner "Best Actress"), and San Francisco Indie Fest. 



(and Other Positive Experiences)

"A story about finding yourself in the middle of nowhere", Shattered Dreams is Stephanie's debut solo sketch project, a live mockumentary in which she explores the subtle nuances of growing up in a small town. The show follows high school senior Angela as she documents the lives and stories of the citizens of Springville, including an existential third-grader, a mysterious karaoke singer, and an unlikely guru in a fried egg costume.

Stephanie plays nine distinct characters in total, each with their own quirks, voices, and styles, curating an absurd yet relatable world of idiosyncratic personalities that the audience is brought into via a combination of stagecraft, video, and music. A heartfelt coming-of-age comedy, Shattered Dreams is silly, thoughtful, but above all else – human.

Shattered Dreams played a limited release to sold-out crowds at ColdTowne Theater and at the 2018 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. 

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