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Wind-Ups is a story about the nostalgia of your childhood colliding with the nostalgia of your twenties. It's a workplace comedy, but swap the fluorescent lighting and fax machines for the candy-coated chaos of a weirdo indie toy store. It's a familiar place we’ve all found ourselves after one too many tall boys or one too many unrequited crushes, somewhere between our fresh-faced adolescence and the cusp of “real” adulthood (whatever that means).


Following the tight-knit crew of an independent toy store as they navigate their growing pains and try to keep the store afloat in a quickly changing city, Wind-Ups is a semi-autobiographical take on post-grad life based on director Adam Protextor's 4 years working at real-life Austin, TX institution and tourist destination Toy Joy

Shot on location and featuring a standout cast of Austin comedians, Wind-Ups season one arc is told over six episodes, each set on a different major holiday over the course of one calendar year.

2-part pilot screener, sizzles, one-sheet, and pitch deck available for viewing. ​

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