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"Getting Along is absolutely wonderful."

- Hannah Benson, Junior High Los Angeles

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"Hilarious ... and performed with 100% commitment. Like genius-buffoon Melissa McCarthy, Thoreson is a determined participant in her world ... What I most enjoy about Thoreson is the quiet intelligence underlying all her jokes. She's witty, yes, and that's what we want, but she's smart, too."

- Laura Jones, The Austin Chronicle

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Stephanie is a goddamn character actor genius who will kick you right in the feels.

- Dave Buckman, Executive Producer of Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

"The talent behind this one is insanely amazing."

- Fallout Theater

"Thoreson’s quietly implosive performance makes Opal’s longing our own. She captures the simultaneous joy and anxiety of having your whole life ahead of you."

- Sam Watermeier, Midwest Film Journal

"Saturday is like, resplendent with Stephanie Thoreson's character-driven solo show."

- Best Comedy on Airport, The Austin Chronicle 

Hill Country FF 1_edited.jpg

​"Best Texas Actress"

Austin Revolution Film Fest (Winner 2019)


"Best Actress"

Hill Country Film Fest (Winner 2019)

"Best Actress"

Reel East Texas Film Fest (Winner 2019)

"Best Character Actor

ColdTowne Theater Awards  (Winner 2017, 2019)

"Best Actress"

Austin Chronicle Best of Austin Awards (Nom. 2019)

"Best Actor

ColdTowne Theater Awards (Winner 2019)


"Don't miss Loverboy('s) fast, hilarious improv"

- Thrillist, The Best Comedy Theaters and Shows In Austin

"[The stories] were a gold mine of details, it was delicious seeing how many of them the Loverboy women could extract and set in their own scenes, like gems in a crown...Loverboy's members built [scenes] together, in quick, deft strokes."

- Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

ColdTowne's small space, Loverboy's super-high energy, and the personal nature of the guests' stories preserve the show's spontaneity and closeness...a fun show with solid laughs…

- Ashley Moreno, The Austin Chronicle


Best Troupe"

ColdTowne Theater Awards (Winner 2016, 2017, 2018)

"Rudy Kloptic Award for Outstanding Improvisational Troupe"

B. Iden Payne Awards (Nomination 2015, 2016, 2017)


"Best Improv Troupe"

Austin Chronicle Best of Austin Awards (Nomination 2016, 2017)

"Best New Troupe"

ColdTowne Theater Awards (Winner 2015)

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