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Stephanie holds a BA in creative writing and literary criticism from Texas State University where she also triple minored in film studies, music performance, and philosophy.


In addition to being a graduate of ColdTowne Theater's sketch writing program and current student at The Second City Hollywood, she has also studied elective comedy writing and script structure with instructors like John MilhiserMatthew S. Starr, and Tom Copeland

Stephanie has written two full-length one-woman shows, contributed to several sketch shows and stage plays, and also served as head writer for season one of the independent sitcom Wind-Ups. She's been a featured guest blogger for organizations like Equality Texas, Thee Gay Agenda, and ColdTowne Theater, and has ideated under NDA for major food and beverage ad campaigns. Her short story "I Think Her Name is Maggie" was a featured work of fiction at Austin Film Festival's First Three Pages Live

Stephanie has ample experience writing creative copy, satire, and original characters, and specializes in improv-to-sketch and dialogue writing. 



From playing oboe on a country album to drawing Saturday morning cartoons, Stephanie has done a little bit of a lot of things. 

After years of curating, upcycling, and selling vintage clothing in Austin, TX., her interest in fashion eventually led to freelance work in wardrobe styling for photo shoots and music videos. Today, she curates the "get the look" segment You Are in a Clothing Store, exploring lesser known looks from film and television and how to achieve them affordably and sustainably. 

In addition to spending several years as a talent booker and event coordinator for Loverboy Comedy, she also served for 2 years on the Board of Directors for BettyFest, a women-run organization and annual festival with the mission of increasing the intersectional representation of women, non-binary, and queer individuals in sketch, improv, and stand-up comedy through education and performance opportunities. 

photo by Colton Matocha

From concept to execution, Stephanie has worked in several aspects of pre and post production including art direction and comedy editing

She has over 5 years of experience hosting live and recorded events, including festivals, YouTube shows, and Twitch streams for CTTV and UltraLoop.

She has been teaching sketch and improv comedy for over 3 years and has become known for her sold-out character workshops and unique coaching focused on more grounded and patient play.

Her ASMR videos have thousands of views on YouTube. 

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